XMAS Balloons


XMAS balloons manufactured in the USA!

XMAS balloons - 25 ft. Santa balloon

XMAS Balloons for Sales and Events!

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Christmas Inflatables

Xmas Balloons

Xmas balloons are a great joy to see during the Holiday season.

It is very exciting and wonderful to see Xmas balloons all over when it is the Christmas season. Have you ever stopped to marvel at all the various kinds of inflatables that are put up for Xmas?


Christmas inflatables - snowman inflatable for ChristmasChristmas Inflatables Are Fun!


Xmas Inflatables: A great way to decorate.

These inflatables that people put up for Christmas are by far one of the best ways of decorating a lawn or some other place and they add to the spirit of Christmas. When you decide on putting up inflatables for Christmas, you would find that it could be quite a bit of a challenge for you to figure out what are the best available options for you because there are so many kinds of inflatables that are available.

One thing is for sure, if you want your lawn or the exterior of your home, shop or some other place to be the envy of all eyes for the season of Xmas, then you must put up inflatables. People who see these just cannot resist looking at them!

Christmas inflatables add to the Christmas spirit

Liven up your street, your lawn or any other outdoor place you can think of with these inflatables. These inflatables are loved by the young as well as the old. And when the season of joy is over, there is no need to throw out these inflatables, just pack them up and leave them – till next Christmas – you can use them again and again.

Also, you will have no trouble in setting up these inflatables for Xmas as you can do so in a matter of a few seconds. When you buy these inflatables, you get all the material that is required for you to set them up, all by yourself, without any hassles at all.

Great way of attracting attention

These Christmas inflatables can be put up just about anywhere outside – out of your home or shop or even on your roof, if you so desire. But, if you wish, you can even set them up inside your home.

On the other hand, if you have a shop, you can set up these inflatables just outside your shop – and these are guaranteed to attract the attention of people passing by – meaning potential customers for you.

So Many Choices Available.

You will be able to get these Xmas balloons and Christmas inflatables in so many different shapes, sizes, colors – just make your choice and get set to decorate the Xmas scene.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Xmas balloons.

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6ft Advertising Balloons

6ft. Advertising Balloons For Sale

6 ft helium advertising balloon

6 ft. advertising balloons from $189.00. Reusable!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for 6ft advertising balloons! Made in USA!



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Phoenix Advertising Balloons

Huge Selection of Advertising Balloons and Advertising Inflatables in Phoenix.

Having a “Grand Opening” or special event and need giant advertising balloons or advertising inflatables? Arizona Balloon has one of the largest selections of advertising balloons available for sale or rent in the world.

Statue of Liberty advertising inflatable

Statue of Liberty custom advertising inflatable for Rent in Phoenix

Arizona Balloon Company manufactures its helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps in the USA. The highest quality balloons and blimps at affordable prices.

helium advertising blimp with logo

Advertising Blimps Phoenix

These giant helium balloons are very affordable and they GET RESULTS!

red helium advertising balloon with vertical banner

Phoenix helium advertising balloons

Giant balloons are easy to use, reusable and very affordable.

money bag shape cold-air advertising inflatable

Money bag advertising inflatables in Phoenix.

Call 602-938-3550 or 1-800-791-1445 for advertising balloons and inflatables in the Phoenix area.

Email: Sales@Arizonaballoon.com

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Custom Balloons for Promotions

Custom balloons: very highly effective advertising weapon.

There are so many business houses in the world that are now using custom balloons to advertise their products and services, because they have proved to be a highly effective medium for advertising.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on custom balloons.

custom helium balloon

Custom Balloons Generate Traffic.

Capture the attention of people with custom shaped balloons.

One of the biggest benefits of using these custom advertising balloons is that you can very easily get people to sit up and take notice of whatever it is that you are selling. And this is the very reason why you would always see these balloons of late, almost anywhere that you may go.
But, unlike the many ads that you see and tend to ignore, these balloons are different. No matter how many of them you may see, there is something about these balloons that just tends to draw you to them. And so, no matter where you may be, no matter what you may be doing, you always look at these balloons.

Custom balloons force people to look

It is almost as though these balloons have some kind of a magical power about them. They force people to drop what they are doing and look at them. It has been shown that even if people are just driving by or even if they are busy at work, they will look at these balloons and ignore whatever it is that they are doing.
Now, though you may not stop and give the advertiser immediate business, the point is that, you will have noticed the business and the advertiser. And, you are sure to remember it because of the giant size of these balloons. Better yet, you are now aware of the existence of such a business.

Giant Helium Balloons Create Excitement

Thus, with this form of advertising, a lasting impression can be created in the mind of your consumers and potential consumers. The giant advertising balloon has done the trick of making you sit up and notice the business and the brand.
These balloons can be even more effective if they are custom built. For instance, if you are selling burgers, you can order a huge balloon to be made for you, in the shape of a burger. And, you can get your logo to stretch out all across it. This kind of a gigantic advertising balloon that has been custom built, is indeed a very powerful advertising tool and is guaranteed to bring you all the attention that you want your business to get. No matter what kind of business you are in, you can bet on it that custom balloons will definitely put you at a big advantage, because people are just magically drawn to them.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for custom balloons.

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Uncle Sam Inflatables for Tax Season

10 ft. Tall Uncle Sam Inflatable

Heavy duty, commercial quality inflatable with internal blower. Will last for years with proper care. Extremely easy to set up.

Uncle Sam shape advertising inflatable

10 ft. Uncle Sam is ideal for your tax prep business.

15 ft. Uncle Sam Inflatable

Uncle Sam shape cold-air advertising inflatable

15 ft. Uncle Sam inflatables from $1695.00. Durable, commercial quality.

Call us at 1-800-791-1445 for more information and to get your Uncle Sam inflatable for this tax season.



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Alternative to Southern Balloon Works

Southern Balloon Works

It appears that SouthernBalloonWorks.com is no longer working. If you are a former customer of Southern Balloon Works we would like you to give us a try.
We use the same type material as Southern BalloonWorks used for their advertising balloons and advertising blimps.
We have been providing balloons and balloon services since 1976.

The original owner of SouthernBalloonWorks.com and I are friends and did business together for years before he sold the business.

Give us a call if you need an advertising balloon or advertising blimp. We have successfully filled orders for some of their former clients and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Email: Sales@ArizonaBalloon.com

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Reusable Balloons

Reusable balloons for promotions.

balloon bobber - reusable balloon on stick - permanent balloon

Reusable, permanent balloon on fiberglass rod.

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Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

If you are looking for large helium blimps for advertising you should check here.

These blimps come in sizes ranging from 11 feet long to 30 feet long and are used most frequently for local businesses and events to bring customers into their place of business.

dvertising blimp shape with logo

11 ft. long blimps are $461.00 and artwork and logos are available for an additional charge.

These blimp balloons are made of a special polyurethane material that was originally developed for NASA. It is lightweight, retains helium and its color much better than PVC.

Made in the USA by Arizona Balloon Company for over 15 years and used by hundreds of businesses worldwide. These blimp balloons require much less helium than blimps made of PVC or nylon.

Email sales@arizonaballoon.com for more information.



Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps? is a post from: Advertising Balloons

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Big Balloons for Sale Now

Big Balloons For Sale Now

We manufacture big balloons for sale in the USA.

6 ft helium advertising balloon

Big Balloons Get Results!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on big balloons.

These are very effective for holiday promotions and events. Many colors and sizes available. The most popular sizes are our 6 ft. and 7ft. spheres and 14 ft. blimp.

We ship worldwide.

Email: Sales@ArizonaBalloon.com

Big Balloons for Sale Now is a post from: Advertising Balloons

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Advertising Balloons are Guaranteed Customer Grabbers

Advertising Balloons are Guaranteed Customer Grabbers

Advertising balloons are guaranteed customer magnets that all kinds of advertisers use!

How can you get business?

But obviously for your business to survive, you have to make sure that you keep getting more and more customers. But, this is not at all easy as there is so much competition. For instance, though you may be selling used cars, there are many others that are doing the same. As such, why does a customer have to come to you when he or she has so much choice?

advertising balloon white color with lettering

7ft. advertising balloon with lettering from $533.00.

Thus, you have to make people aware of you and you can do this by making sure that your business is always in front of them. This can be done by using the correct advertising media.

Using the right advertising medium is very important

If you do not make use of the right advertising vehicle to advertise your business, you can be sure of one harsh fact – people are just not going to be aware of you. This is because when you make use of the wrong vehicle to advertise your business, people do not pay attention to your advertisement.

Recent studies have proven without any doubt that the conventional advertising media like TV, radio, newspapers, etc., are no longer as effective as they used to be. This is because people no longer have the time or the interest in looking at the advertisements that appear in these media. Thus, for you to get into the minds of people, you have to use an advertising vehicle that people love looking at.

And you have such a medium in the form of Advertising balloons

The reason why these giant balloons are so very effective is because they get the attention of people. And thus, by looking at these big balloons, people will also look at the advertisement on them. And so you will have met your goal – of getting people to look at what you are advertising.

When you want to stay ahead of your competition, it is very important that you get the attention of people – if you do not do so, you can be sure that your competition is doing it. Thus, you have to make people aware of what you are selling and where they can buy the stuff you are selling.

And this can be done by you very easily

Yes, it is really possible for you to easily get the attention of people by advertising with giant advertising balloons. Put your business opportunity on it, perhaps your logo or your motto, your telephone number if you wish and even the location of your shop
(if you are the owner of a small shop in the locality) – you can be sure that this form of advertising is going to get you more customers that you could possible handle.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on advertising balloons.

Email: Sales@arizonaballoon.com

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Advertising Inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers

Advertising Inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers.

Advertising inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers and that is why they have become so very popular today.

Of what benefit are these inflatables to any business?

These are actually huge balloon like objects that are used to advertise. They can be in the form of balloons, tents, bounce houses, blimps and so many other forms.
How can this help you with your business – well it can help you get all the attention that you want and create a brand awareness.

hot-air balloon shape cold-air advertising inflatable 25 feet high red white blue color

Advertising Inflatables Get Noticed!

Inflatables are a very important advertising vehicle.

There are so many advantages to making use of a giant inflatable to advertise your brand. You can be sure that when you use this form of advertising, you will definitely be getting all the awareness that you want about your business. This is for the simple reason that people just love to look at these giant balloons – and they will never fail to do so.
Thus, you will be getting loads of attention to your brand and you will thus be creating tremendous awareness of your brand. And of course as you are already aware, the more the visibility you create for your brand, the more you are increasing your chances of escalating your profits.

8 feet in diameter red color helium advertising balloon in sky with attached banner

Go Big!

Giant balloons are inexpensive as well!

Another big plus with these big balloons is that they are affordable to all kinds of advertisers and one does not need to have a million dollar budget to use this advertising media. Thus, even any advertiser with almost no budget to advertise can use these giant balloons to make people aware of their products or services.
Plus, if an advertiser wants to make use of a giant inflatable to advertise and he or she does not have the money to buy one, that is not a problem either. The advertiser can always rent a balloon – and this can be very inexpensive.

11 feet long helium filled polyurethane blimp for advertising

Many Blimps and Balloons available for rental.

Be as creative as you want

Yet another advantage with using these big balloons to advertise is that you can make them as attractive as you want by getting them made in any color, shape or size that you would like.
The best part is that the more unique you make your big balloon, the more people are going to stop and look at it as people just love to look at things that are different. So, if you do not know how to make sure that you will get your business the kind of attention that you are seeking, then you can bet on it that by using inflatables, you will really get all the attention to your business.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for advertising inflatables.

Email: sales@arizonaballoon.com

Advertising Inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers is a post from: Advertising Balloons

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